From the Vault: Why you shouldn’t believe

This was a rather popular post from a writer from before the transition. In this, the author derails against religion. The author would now like to remain anonymous, so we’ll refer to them as Skyke.

Why you shouldn’t believe

Note: my stance may or may or may not actually be how I feel, but it’s about to get real.

Now, this will make about 84% of you very angry. That number, according to Washington Times, happens to be the amount of people in the world that believe in some sort of religion. What is religion? Religion, as defined by Oxford is a particular system of faith and worship. Seems legit….So let’s get a little deeper. Oxford then defines Faith as strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof. So now, we know that religion has no proof. Before one of you decides to tell me that I’m wrong because the bible/texts/written note is proof, I would just like to say, that written something down does not qualify as proof. I could write down that a new god just appeared and did something inhumane as a sacrifice, and you people likely would not believe me. Why? Humans naturally want proof. What is the exception to that? The only exception to that constant desire for proof, is something that you grow up around. This is not always true. Some of us make it out, and escape those clutches of unreality. I, for example, also grew up in a religious home. Since childhood, I questioned my religion. I did not actually know why I believed. I did not know what PROOF there actually was. That questioning is what leads us to a state of reality. Religion is an escape from reality, which only keeps us from being successful. Religion is like an addiction. If you drink a lot, you enjoy it, and it shades you from reality. Then, you become dependent on it, and you just can’t let it go, no matter how hard you try, or how much reason for why it’s bad for you comes to light, you just generally can’t stop. Some can escape. With religion, it is the same. The proof (mainly science) is continuously shoveled into your head. Every bit of proof that goes against your religion begins to question your religion, but that addiction like mindset stops you from entering disbelief, except for the few that successfully escape. I want to talk about one of those proofs. Creationism is amongst many religions. It cannot be denied. If you think someone was just, created and the world started when someone from above created people, I don’t see how that is supported by your written proof argument. Who was there writing? Why did they have language, education, materials to write, etc.? Clearly, we must brutally reject creationism. The scientifically supported theory would be Evolution. I’m not going to bother proving it, because that is something you can easily research, but I can guarantee that it is scientifically sound and has PROOF.  So what is my “thesis” you may ask…I just want the 84% of you, to know that you are currently in a trap, and it will, at one point or another, hold you back severely. Now, to the other 16% of you, Kudos, you made it out.


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