From the Vault: Reminder-You are not actually starving

This begins the “From the Timevault” series, which brings back some posts from before the transition to the new site. This post is by an old writer, Garg.

Hunger in Society

AHHH! I’m so hungry! I NEED food…. fooood!

Shut up and listen (oh and stop whining). Just ponder for a moment the next time you’ve missed just one meal and are “starving”, and think at how fortunate you are. You are capable of having access to snacks, drinks, and food whenever you desire. You always keep your bellies full so you can move on with the day. In fact, the average daily calorie intake for an American is over 3500 calories per day average, there’s the definite abundance of fries and burgers. While Americans are lavishly stuffing their faces with fat, kids in Africa run around bargaining with people just to have ONE meal. Yes, 800 million poverty struck citizens all around the world experience what is called Hunger. Now, it may seem that hunger is just not eating a meal and being hungry, but it is a quite serious effect. Hunger is defined as being malnourished or to lack a proper or healthy amount of nutrients. It is not having a simple grumbly stomach, but has quite excruciating and agonizing effects. Malnourished people have problems growing, constant diarrhea, weak immune systems, and much more. A person dies from hunger nearly every 4 seconds. I’m not here to rant about what the condition is and its extent, but to inform you that you are the cause, and that you are the solution. On average, US households waste 40 million tons of food annually. That is more than enough to pull out all 800 million people out of their misery. When people have a surplus of resources, it is their duty to use what they need and give to others who do too. By doing simple acts such as donating food, having Food Drives, and even finishing your food, you are capable of sending a kid in Africa to bed with at least a full stomach. So… the next time you have Chinese leftovers sitting in your refrigerator, just remember to finish them?


A clip from John Oliver, to understand  the scope of the problem:

HBO owns Last Week Tonight.


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