Mental Music

In September of this year, one of our writers sadly passed away. Brandon gave his heart and soul to everything he did. He was one of my best and closest friends. I’m going to be uploading some of the posts he was most passionate about. Here is one of them.

Mental Music

Brandon Ries

Mozart. Beethoven. Bach. All of the greatest composers that have ever lived. They all have contributed great pieces of work to society. So why is music so incredible? Why does mankind even bother with random noises created in the air? Studies have shown that music does beneficial things for our minds. A study by E. Glenn Schellenberg of the University of Toronto at Mississauga demonstrated that over the course of a year in first graders, those who were given music lessons had an average of 3 IQ points higher than those who did not receive lessons. Yes, there are basic reasons such as how the beats of the measure can be divided to teach us mathematics, but there is also a major sub-conscious role in which scientists cannot fully understand. In another study, researchers gave people who were waiting to undergo surgery either music or anti-anxiety drugs. Those who listened to music had lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels than those who used the drug. So why is music different than all of the other noises of the average day? Perhaps music is made to speak directly with people. Because music is something that is intentionally created by humans, perhaps it speaks to us, unlike a jackhammer or a car siren. The variation in music also makes it more appealing than the predictable noises of our artificial world. So next time you hear a collection of noises, listen for the music in it. Imagine if the world heard music in jackhammers and car sirens. If Macklemore can stimulate our neurons, surely the noises of Everyday can as well. Could the world become smarter if we approached life with that attitude? If everything went in rhythm? The typing of the keyboard as I write this has a beat. The wind outside my window has some sort of Whoa-oa chorus. The hum of my ceiling fan even undulates with sound! Do we need Mozart to make us smarter? Or can everything be a unique and never before created masterpiece. So enjoy the music of life, whether from the stereo or the street. Maybe it will lift your day.


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