Trying to wrap my head around the Mortal Instruments

My friend Emma (who writes on this website as well) tucked safely in between her arm and side.”Why do you even like those?” I asked. She shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t, really.” I’m pretty sure there was more to that that I just tuned out, but it got me thinking. What sort of appeal is there to the Mortal Instruments? Fine, Fantasy Angel from  Avid Reader

has a strange love for them that I can’t understand, but for the most part, people just regard the books as ‘ok’. Something to waste your time on when there’s nothing better to do. Something to simply avoid dong your homework. In other words, unintelligent. I’m not saying the people who read those books are unintelligent, but the books themselves are. I mean, how much character development does That Girl in the Mortal Instruments Whose Name Eludes Me (Oh boy, that’s not a good sign) even show? She runs to Jason to fix all of her problems. It’s just so… stupid.

And Cassandra Clare, or should I say, Judith Rumelt, in the slim chance you’re reading this, let me tell you, it never bodes well when you write 5 series based in the same universe with little to no difference. 

But seriously. Someone tell me why these, or why Clare, is so important. 


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