The Chronicles of Washingtonia: Saga 1-Chapter 1: Julie

Chapter 1


Brandon Ries, Team Whimsical Cartwheel

  She closed the book, placed it on the table, and finally decided to walk through the door. She didn’t know why this mission made her so nervous. Perhaps because this one would put her on the FBI’s most wanted list. Or maybe it was the fact that Secret Service was on her every trail. She glanced at the guest book on the table. Julie Lanie was the last entry in there. Her pseudonym. Revealing her real name would be disastrous. The door still waited. Now was the time. She entered with a positive smile on her face into the Oval Office. It was a grand room, in the shape of an ellipse. A blue carpet graced the floor, and a picture of the Commander in Chief hung silently on the wall. A Secret Service man stood as still as the painting nearby. The President waited inside, sitting there just like in the photos.

“Hello Miss Lanie, welcome to the White House. Are you enjoying your visit?” asked the President.

“Yes, thank you for asking.” The President made a motion for her to sit down in an armchair in front of the desk. She walked to the chair, but continued past it. The President looked confused, but it changed to horror when ‘Julie Lanie’ started to sprint at him. He got up from his chair to run away, but it just made it easier for ‘Julie’ to tackle him and send both crashing through the large window behind them. Outside the window, a large Unidentified Flying Object hovered, waiting to catch them. They fell off the White House balcony and were lowered into the UFO by a tractor beam. The Secret Security guard jumped after them, but the UFO was not there to catch him. It was too busy flying into the cosmos.   Inside the saucer, the President regained consciousness. He gathered his senses, and saw that he was not in a good situation. It is never a good sign when you are suspended over a pool of boiling mercury with strange octopus-like creatures swimming inside.

“This is very bad. This is scarier than the time the ambassador of Scotland gave me that complementary kilt!”

“Yeth, you thould be thcared,” a voice with a very bad lisp from above said. The President looked up. A strange, purple alien stood from the above balcony. Alongside him was Julie Lanie, now morphing into another similar creature, only she was the hue of moldy cheese. The purple one, who was obviously the leader, waved his scepter around while maniacally shouting,

“Thith ith the End of your minithcule world, Earthlingth! Twemble before our cweepyneth!” The two aliens cackled for a minute, then went to plan world domination. The President was horrified.

“These bozos intend to take over the world?!?! Without letting me even try for a second term? How dare they!” The President’s mind raced. What should he do? Clueless, he hailed Julie the alien.

“Pardon me, but why do you desire to take over the world?” Julie laughed at the President’s naïvety.

“What do evil aliens normally do?”

“No!” the President exclaimed. “You don’t mean to blow up the world?!?”

“No, I intend to eat your milk and cookies. Of course to destroy the world! It’s in our way of Venus. We want to blow that up too, and there’s nothing you can do about it, buster” sassed Julie.

“Oh yeah? Just watch,” the President back-talked as he pushed The Button.


But What does The Button do?!?!?! Well, I guess you’ll have to wait for Saga 1 to end to find out!

Link to Chapter Two:


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