Mortal Instruments, Books 1-3 (From the Vault)

This is another piece that was removed during the transition to the new site. I personally find this review to be hilarious, and my views on the Mortal Instruments haven’t changed one bit. Sorry! Anyway, enjoy. The Mortal Instruments (1-3): Book Review Retrospect. Editor’s Note: So you know how I promised a book review a loooong time ago? It’s finally done. Welcome to “This Book Sucks and we’re Going to review it.” Other Editor’s Note: The politically correct title is, “This Book is Debatable and We Will Have an Argument About It.” V: Let me make this clear. I hate … Continue reading Mortal Instruments, Books 1-3 (From the Vault)

From the Vault: Reminder-You are not actually starving

This begins the “From the Timevault” series, which brings back some posts from before the transition to the new site. This post is by an old writer, Garg. Hunger in Society AHHH! I’m so hungry! I NEED food…. fooood! Shut up and listen (oh and stop whining). Just ponder for a moment the next time you’ve missed just one meal and are “starving”, and think at how fortunate you are. You are capable of having access to snacks, drinks, and food whenever you desire. You always keep your bellies full so you can move on with the day. In fact, … Continue reading From the Vault: Reminder-You are not actually starving

From my novel: A short piece

The following is an excerpt from a novel I’ve been working on over the past four years. I’d like to share a bit of it with the world. As I enter into completion, I’ll post a few more excerpts, if that pleases you. Please, leave feedback for me, and thank you for your time. A cool wind caressed my face. My eyes opened. Brightness flooded my world. I found myself embraced by a mattress of soft grass, keeping me warm. Transported to another land, almost. Then, I saw her: myself . She loomed over me, with my own black curls, … Continue reading From my novel: A short piece

Gun Control…Is it Constitutional?

Well, there  are two sides to this coin, as there is in any coin. The right to bare arms is stated in the Bill of Rights, that can be granted to any citizen. However, there is also something called the Necessary and Proper Clause and General Welfare clause. It can be argued by evoking those two Constitutional rights of Congress, gun control is legal. People are getting shot, and general welfare needs to be protected. This is necessary and proper, and basically, it needs to be used for the government to carry out their duties to protect the welfare of … Continue reading Gun Control…Is it Constitutional?

Trying to wrap my head around the Mortal Instruments

My friend Emma (who writes on this website as well) tucked safely in between her arm and side.”Why do you even like those?” I asked. She shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t, really.” I’m pretty sure there was more to that that I just tuned out, but it got me thinking. What sort of appeal is there to the Mortal Instruments? Fine, Fantasy Angel from  Avid Reader has a strange love for them that I can’t understand, but for the most part, people just regard the books as ‘ok’. Something to waste your time on when there’s nothing better to … Continue reading Trying to wrap my head around the Mortal Instruments